High Desert Flower

Premium Cannabis
Grown by and for Oregonians!

Welcome to High Desert Flower – and elevated cultivation!

At nearly 5,000 feet above sea level, HDF is a mile-high experience (well, almost!), straight from Lakeview.

From our greenhouses to your house, we’re bringing Oregon connoisseurs the highest-quality, most delicious and perfectly potent cannabis.

Learn more about HDF and our dedication to great grows, exploring new and hard-to-find strains, and the Oregon cannabis community.

Elevated Cultivation

Oregon’s highest grow

A Grand Grow

Lakeview says ‘high!’

HDF’s light-deprivation farm uses heated grow beds, living soils and unique desired genetics, allowing us to grow premium, pesticide-free flower on a year-round basis to serve the Oregon market.

Flower Perfection

Available at your local dispensary

HDF knows that it’s all about the plants. That’s why we’ve put together Oregon’s premier grow team and created an internal culture that’s dedicated first and foremost to raising “our babies.” The results are available at Oregon dispensaries near you!

Oregon Proud

The people’s choice

HDF is a homegrown citizen of the Beaver state, representing the best of its people, geography and history. It is our honor to serve our market in the place we call home! HDF – the perfect pairing for all things Oregon.