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Cannabis derived perfection.
Farm-friendly relationships.

High-Quality Extracts.
Farm-Focused Value.

Engineered Extracts delivers superior cannabis extracts by combining our staff’s seasoned manufacturing expertise with the latest processes and technology.

As part of the High Desert Flower family, we understand farmers’ challenges and are committed to offering value to Oregon’s cannabis community.

Read on to learn more about our fair-pricing and farm-friendly philosophy.

Dab extraction

Extracting Perfection

Engineered Extracts’ quality product outcomes are a result of the expertise and passion of our highly-trained staff who are armed with the latest extraction technologies. OLCC-licensed and committed to protecting our shared environment, we deliver:

  • Excellence in, excellence out – We vet incoming biomass to allocate specific material for Full-Spectrum CO2, terpene and distillate extractions.
  • Full-spectrum extraction – With total process control, we’re able to extract a full profile from source material cannabinoids and terpenes.
  • Speed to market – Our manufacturing experience means that we always ensure fast turnaround time. Never wait in line again!
  • Supercritical CO2 Extraction – Unlike organic solvents – which are toxic, flammable and unhealthy for humans and the environment – Supercritical CO2 extraction allows us to process just as effectively, but without negative impact.

Redefining the farmer-extractor relationship

Engineered Extracts is part of the High Desert Flower family – and so we understand the challenges farmers face when it comes to getting the best value for their harvests. We see ourselves as part of a united community, and do not seek to capitalize on our clients’ needs. To this end, we offer:

  • Competitive pricing-for-quality that’s comparable or better than any of the top CO2 Processors.
  • With the provision of suitably prepared biomass, a 60/40 revenue or material split with farms – yes, that’s 60% for the farms – to help new businesses get established and established operations thrive. We also offer bespoke terms for larger, ongoing relationships.
  • A consultative approach that offers feedback and advice to help our clients ensure the best quality outcomes.

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