High Desert Flower

Elevated Cultivation for the Cannabis Connoisseur

High Desert Flower

A mile-high experience! (Well, almost.)

At nearly 5,000 feet above sea level, High Desert Flower is the highest cannabis grower in Oregon. We are a light-deprivation farm located in Lakeview. Using heated grow beds, living soils and unique desired genetics allows us to grow premium, pesticide-free cannabis year-round.

Our live, no-till soil is continuously managed (automatically and by hand) to ensure the right combination of mineral density and biological populations to produce natural, high-quality product. We are proud to bring our potent and delicious varietals to cannabis connoisseurs all over Oregon.

It’s about the plants.
It’s always about the plants.

HDF: Leaving ‘growers’ ego’ at the greenhouse door

HDF knows that it’s all about the plants. That’s why we’ve put together Oregon’s premier grow team that’s dedicated first and foremost to raising “our babies” with unmatched precision and care.

Our premier soil scientists constantly monitor our beds and greenhouse environments, representing the vanguard of the relationship between human and plant.

An elevated grow

Science meets nature, potency meets purity

HDF approaches its grows with the understanding that while science is an enabler of producing quality product, mother nature knows best.

We stand committed to finding natural approaches and solutions – augmented by the latest botanical knowledge – to develop and deliver the finest cannabis products in Oregon.

Beyond greenwashing

Bringing meaning back to ‘organic’

HDF goes beyond the all-to-common “greenwashing” of many products in the market, getting back to the most thorough and accurate definitions of organic, pesticide-free and sustainable.

This means paying close attention to every part of our process, from our choice of genetics to how we tend to our grows and prepare our harvests for market.