High Desert Flower

Lakeview says ‘high!’

Our Facilities

The home of elevated cultivation

HDF grow facilities are located in Lakeview, Oregon’s High Desert region. This means that we’ve necessarily become the most attentive and adaptive growers in the state, taking advantage of all four seasons and monitoring weather on a daily basis.

Our Commitment

At HDF, we never take our hands off the pulse of our progeny, instead utilizing high-touch growing techniques and devoting the deepest possible attention to our plants – 24/7.

Oregon Proud

By, for and all about the people of Oregon

HDF is a homegrown citizen of the Beaver state, representing the best of its people, geography and history. It is our honor to be part of this market and we are dedicated to being the people’s choice, both in terms of the products we sell and Pacific Northwest ideals we represent. While we do indeed sweat all stuff when it comes to how we grow, we’re as laid back, patient and connected to the natural environment as our customers are, in all their diversity.